Academic publications

Journal articles and book chapters

Haanpää, Minni, Salmela, Tarja, García-Rosell, José-Carlos and Äijälä, Mikko (forthcoming). Studying human-animal relations in tourism through videography. Tourism Geographies.

García-Rosell, José-Carlos. and Hancock, Philip (forthcoming). Working Animals, Ethics and Critical Theory. In Thomas, Nathalie (Ed) Animals and Business Ethics. Routledge: London.

Äijälä, Mikko, García-Rosell, José-Carlos and Haanpää, Minni (2017). Kirjallisuuskatsaus: Eläimet osana matkailutoimintaa [Literature review: Animals as part of tourism]. Matkailututkimus [Finnish Journal of Tourism Research].

Conference presentations

Garcia-Rosell, José-Carlos, Minni Haanpää and Dominika Klos (2018, September). Human-animal encounters in Nordic tourism: A study of user-generated content in social media. Paper presented at the Nordic Symposium of Tourism and Hospitality Research, Alta, Norway.

García-Rosell, José-Carlos (2018, September). Animal welfare in tourism: the case of sled dogs in Lapland, Finland. Keynote given at the International Sled Dog Veterinary Medical Association Conference, Valencia, Spain.

Äijälä, Mikko, Jylkäs, Titta, Vuorikari, Tytti and Rajab, Vésaal (2018, August). Interacting with non-human actors in services through digital media. Paper presented at (Un)common Worlds Conference, Turku, Finland.

García-Rosell, José-Carlos and Äijälä, Mikko (2018, June). Human-animal encounters in Arctic tourism. Keynote given at Polar Libraries Colloquy, Rovaniemi, Finland.

Salmela, Tarja, Äijälä, Mikko and García-Rosell, José-Carlos (2017, September). Insights into the certification of animal welfare in tourism. Paper presented at the international Conference – The Visitor Economy: Strategies and Innovations, Bournemouth, UK.

García-Rosell, José-Carlos and Hancock, Philip (2017, September). Christmas tourism and the cultivation and symbolism of Lapland’s reindeer. Paper presented at the international Conference – The Visitor Economy: Strategies and Innovations, Bournemouth, UK.

Äijälä, Mikko (2017, September). Animal agency in tourism: Sled dogs in Finnish Lapland. Paper presented at the international Conference – The Visitor Economy: Strategies and Innovations, Bournemouth, UK.

Salmela, Tarja, Haanpää, Minni, García-Rosell, José-Carlos and Äijälä, Mikko (2017, June). The human-animal relations in academic fieldwork: Conducting videography with/as animals. Paper presented at The 2nd Peaceful Coexistence Colloquium: Reimagining Ethics and Politics of Space for the Anthropocene, Pyhä, Finland.

Äijälä, Mikko, García-Rosell, José-Carlos and Hakkarainen, Maria (2017, April).  Eläinten arvo matkailussa [The value of animals in tourism]. Paper presented at Eläintutkimuspäivät – arvokas eläin [Societal Animal Studies Conference – Valuable Animal], Helsinki, Finland.

Garcia-Rosell, José-Carlos and Äijälä, Mikko (2017, March). Tourists’ attitudes towards the use of animals in tourism: Insights from Finnish Lapland.  XI Finnish Tourism and Leisure Research Symposium, Oulu, Finland.

García-Rosell, José-Carlos and Philip Hancock (2016, July). You Can’t Eat Rudolph! Lapland’s Reindeer – Between Carnal Cultivation and Magical Symbolism. Paper presented at Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism (SCOS), Uppsala, Sweden.


Doctoral thesis

Äijälä, Mikko (forthcoming). Non-human Agency in Interaction: Study of Human-Dog Relations in Tourism. Lapland University Press, Rovaniemi.


Master thesis

Kumpuniemi, Tiina (2017). Meaning production through animal pictures in marketing communication: A semiotic image-analysis of Ranua Wildlife Park’s website. Lapland University Press, Rovaniemi. (in Finnish)

Alekova, Gergana (forthcoming). A vegan perspective on animal-based tourism services. Lapland University Press, Rovaniemi.

Fesenko, Ivan (forthcoming). A sensory approach to animal-based tourism experience in Finnish Lapland. Lapland University Press, Rovaniemi.

Sinitcyn, Mikhail (forthcoming). Insights into ethical values of tourism employees working with animals. Lapland University Press, Rovaniemi.

Stefanov, Martin (forthcoming). The case of zoos in the non-human turn – a deconstruction of the book “Zoos and animal rights: The ethics of keeping animals”. Lapland University Press.