Quiz card game

A fun way of learning about animals and responsible tourism

The quiz card game includes a set of three nicely illustrated cards. They were designed for those visiting or planning to visit Finnish Lapland. By playing the quiz card game, they can test how much they know about reindeer, huskies and horses. Furthermore, they may even learn new things about these furry friends that will become part of their Lapland tourism experience.

Each card includes 10 questions about the life, work and welfare of these three Arctic animals. The cover page of the cards includes the questions. Quiz takers can get one point for each correct answer. On the back page of the card, the respondent can asses her answers.

The quiz card games were developed under the leadership of the University of Lapland in cooperation with the Lapland University of Applied Sciences as part of the project “Animal Welfare in Tourism Services”.  The project was funded by the The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. The quiz card game is publicly available and designed to be freely printed out. The cards can be used by any party as long as they are not modified or altered in any way and use according to their original purpose.

The quiz game cards can be printed with a printer (web format) or send to a printing house (printing house format). They are available in five different languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Finnish.

Let’s play and learn!


Web format: English   Spanish   French   Finnish   Chinese

Printing house format: English   Spanish   Finnish   French   Chinese



Web format:  English   Spanish   French   Finnish   Chinese

Printing house format: English  Spanish  Finnish  French  Chinese



Web format:  English   Spanish   French   Finnish   Chinese

Printing house format:  English  Spanish  Finnish  French  Chinese