In addition to the reports of the project “Animals and Responsible Tourism”, this section also includes reports and infographics produced in the project “Animal Welfare in Tourism Services”, which is funded by the The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Salmela, T. and Äijälä, M. (2017). Quality monitoring practices in animal-based tourism.

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García-Rosell, J.C. and Äijälä, M. (2018). Lapland Tourists’ Views on Animals Working in Tourism.

Klos, Dominika, García-Rosell, José-Carlos and Haanpää, Minni (2018). Analysis of user-generated social media content related to animal-based tourism activities in Lapland.


Witt, Meike, Salmela, Tarja and García-Rosell, José-Carlos (2018). Guide for evaluating and developing animal welfare communication practices in animal-based tourism in Finland.



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