Responsible tourism includes the consideration of animals

In the article titled “Responsible Tourism includes the consideration of animals” (in Finnish) published in Maaseudun Tulevaisuus on October 12, 2016, José-Carlos García-Rosell and Tarja Salmela draw attention to the increasing importance of animals and their welfare in contemporary society. Consumer demands for the better treatment of animals include not only farm and laboratory animals, but also animals working in the tourism industry. The development of more responsible tourism practices requires the understanding of consumer values in relation to animals and their treatment.


Anti-trophy hunting 2.0: Social media movements and their effectiveness

In this interview, Dr. Mucha Mkono discusses anti-trophy hunting as a global social media movement. In doing so, she draws attention to the role of social media in understanding and evaluating our relationship with animals. The interview was conducted by Minni Haanpää on October 4, 2016.