When you are traveling to Lapland, it may be useful to know what is Finland’s National Animal. Frankly, it’s an animal of wonder that will make many people want to visit.

The Brown Bear is a beautiful creature that is celebrated in many different cultures for it’s intellect, cunning, brute strength and overall power.

Many animals respect the brown bear and has no regular predators above it – making it an apex predator. It is at the top of the food chain in Finland and can rest easy knowing that it is built to survive in the amazingly frigid climate that is Lapland.

In this post you will learn about the Brown Bear – Finland’s national animal. You will also learn how they differ from Grizzly bears which are a subspecies of the Brown Bear.

By the end of this post you should have all the knowledge that you need to know about this wonderful animal and how it inhabits Finland.

What is Finland’s National Animal?

The Lapland Brown Bear is Finland’s national animal. They are found in permanent occurrences throughout the northern region of Finland and are largely omnivorous. They feed on seeds, roots, mammals, insects and fish.

photo of brown bear
Photo of Brown Bear

They typically are found in mountain woodland areas which are vast in the Northern region of the country. They are different from Grizzly Bears.

Is a brown bear different from a Grizzly Bear?

Yes, a Brown Bear is different from a Grizzly Bear. All Grizzly bears are brown bears, but not all Brown Bears are grizzly bears. A Grizzly Bear is a sub species of brown bear that is found in the inland regions of North America.

Grizzly Bears are not found anywhere in Europe, or Finland. Grizzly bears are not the national animal of Finland.

photo of grizzly bear
Photo of Grizzly Bear

Grizzly bears are different from Brown Bears due to their physical features, eating habits and temperament. Brown Bears tend to be larger, and feed more off of mammals and fish when closer to the coast.

Grizzly bears are omnivorous as well, though are known to eat less meat in comparison to the common brown bear. Their frame is smaller and their hair is known to look more ragged, shaggy and “grizzly” than the soft coat of a common brown bear.

Grizzly Bear’s temperaments to be known to be far sharper in contrast to a brown bear and they are known for their aggressiveness. Brown Bears can be aggressive, though not to the same extent as a Grizzly Bear.

There are no Grizzly bears in Europe though Brown Bears are plentiful and abundant.

What animal represents Finland?

The brown bear is representative of Finland and is prominently featured in Finnish mythology. They are featured on stamps, and in much symbology throughout the country.

The bear, also known as “Otso” is sacred to the Fins. It is viewed as the all-seeing, and all understanding ancestor to mankind and brings many answers to the Finnish people. It is known to be the leader of the forest.

There are about 1500 bears in Finland, though they are great at keeping their presence generally unknown to people. There is much area in Finland to explore, hide and keep quiet so the bears generally like to remain undisturbed.

Conclusion: What is Finland’s National Animal?

The Finnish Common Brown Bear is Finland’s national animal. It is known for having an impressive amount of land to live on, and live a largely undisturbed and peaceful life.

Common European Brown bears are starkly different to Grizzly Bears found in North America. They can grow to twice as large, and feed on a larger percentage of meat based in fish typically and other wild life.

Though Brown Bears are omnivores, they are considered apex predators and are top of the food chain. They are considered to be sacred in the forests of Finland and are viewed as leaders and with divinity.