The animals in Finland are unlike the animals of Australia. Here the animals are beautiful, graceful and not made to rip you limb from limb. There is a wide variety of animals that are herbivores and omnivores. You may be wondering what five animals are native to Finland?

Even apex predators in Finland also tend to eat as omnivores typically – with exception to the wolves. There are a large variety of animals in Finland, including the only landlocked seal in the country – and one of the rarest seals in the planet.

There is a lot of variety in wildlife, and a variety of different biomes in the area for these animals to live. This, combined with the abundant forest, trees flowing water and snow all widespread and separate from human contact allow Finland to be a place that is teaming with adventure and opportunity to view amazing animals native to Finland.

In this post, you will learn many beautiful and amazing facts about the wildlife in Finland for 5 animals in particular. There is an abundance more of animals around, though these particular animals stick out to many tourists as the most memorable.

The Brown Bear, the most sacred of the forest creatures as Finland’s apex predator and national animal. There is the lynx, the graceful and omnipresent elk, the rascally wolverine, and the cunning wolves of the forest.

These five animals are a great way to show how the Finnish animals are interconnected in the country and have an abundance of choices in their options and opportunity to live.

What five animals are native to Finland?

The Common Brown Bear, the lynx, elk, wolverine and the wolf are all animals native to Finland. They all are excellent in living in forest conditions where the temperature gets extremely cold.

It is important to note that all of these animals are mammals and carry thick fur to provide protection from the elements when it is extremely cold further into the north of Lapland.

Here are some more great facts about these animals:

The Common Brown Bear

The common Brown Bear is an apex predator found traditionally in the northern region of Finland. The animal is typically an omnivore and feeds on many animals like fish, insects and alike.

what five animals are native to Finland

They can grow very large due to their reliance on more animal meat than other eating options like roots, berries and leaves. They are traditionally very docile unless provoked at which point may become aggressive.

The Finnish Lynx

Known for its soft fur, the Lynx is a predator largely relying off of the prey of small mammals and birds.

It looks like a typical cat, though it’s fur changes colors throughout the seasons. A common lynx’s fur will change from reddish white in the summer and spring to greyish white in the winter to aid in its hunting.

what five animals are native to Finland too

It’s claws are retractable like that of a common house cat, though it differs from a house cat both in size and proportion of it’s legs to the body. Their legs tend to be longer. Since becoming a protected animal, the population of the lynx has grown in number and size over the years in Finland.

Finnish Elk

The Finnish elk can weigh up to 1500 pounds or 700 kg. They’re impressive and are also known as moose elsewhere. Wolves and Brown Bears are their main predators to look out for, though their size typically protects them and are rarely hunted.

In Finland their population grows well due to lack of predators as there are other easier prey in contrast to the 1500 pound elk in the forest.

Finnish Elk typically survive off of tree bark, leaves and plants. The male elk will grow very large antlers which fall off each year and grow back.


Wolverines are known for their ability to survive in harsh conditions. They are fast moving, smart and cunning.

With their amazing sense of smell, they can smell a hibernating or dead animal 20 feet below them in snow. They are known to dig up and kill hibernating animals with their large and strong jaw bones being able to crush and incinerate large bones.

Wolverines are known for the tenaciousness and daring. They can prey on any animal that is in their purview, and can even target elk if so inclined. There are many larger animals like Brown Bear or wolves that choose to stay away from a wolverine’s arrival.

Finnish Wolves

Finnish wolves are a canine mammal. They are similar to dogs and have similar facial features and intricacies. Their packs are typically between 2 and 30 other wolves and they will mate with one other wolf for their lifetime.

They are highly social and communicate with one another in plenty of non-verbal and signalling ways such as barking, scratching, movements and gestures and sound.

Female wolves can be slightly smaller than a male wolf and will mate with one partner. In Finland they do not have any predators though are found on the eastern side of the country more abundantly.

Conclusion: Which five animals are native to Finland?

The Bear, lynx, elk, wolverine and wolf are all native to Finland. Much of the wildlife is made and evolved to be able to withstand the snow of the north, while thriving in the comparatively milder springs.

There is an equal balance of herbivores, omnivores and carnivores throughout the country, and there are many animals that are abundant in the reserves of Lapland.

Many animals are protected by the country which provides them with ample opportunity to grow their population and live happily in their natural habitat. It is possible to hunt animals such as elk, though it can be difficult to attain a permit.