Coming to Finland is a great time. What is always asked is if you are traveling to enjoy the animals, are they protected under any natural laws to keep their population from becoming endangered? Are Finland animals protected?

are finland animals protected

Yes, Finland Animals are protected and there is a broad array of laws that keep them thriving and developing the country’s bio-diversity.

There is credence like the Animal Welfare Act which protects animals to how they are cared for, and if they are to be hunted – what ways they can be hunted and protecting them from unnecessary pain in their lives.

There are other points within the credence which point to what ways to keep an animal, how to treat them when they are in your care, testing, and drug usage on animals inside the country.

Outside of the Animal Welfare Act, Finland has had many success stories of bringing populations back from being almost extinct. If you read about the Whooper Swan you will be fascinated.

Other success stories to point to are the Ringed Seal in Lake Saimaa which fell to a population of 100 and now has quadrupled. Finland is known for having an extremely broad protective animal legislation which allows the biodiversity in the country to thrive.

Are Finland Animals Protected?

Yes, Finland Animals are protected. They are protected by the Animal Welfare Act. The gol od the Animal Welfare act is to protect animals in Finland from distress, pain and suffering.

For the most part, the act does just that by covering the majority of the lives of animals and the ways that humans would possibly use them or harm them.

This includes, animal games, testing, keeping them as pets, breeding, farming and more.

Taking for instance when looking at the rules of feeding animals. Finland does not allow the force feeding of animals specifically for the purpose of fattening the animals or increasing their production.

This is a way that Finland protects the lives of animals and values the lives of all that inhabit it.

Second, Finland conserves other endangered species like the wolverine, the Arctic Fox, certain types of Fish and the Saimaa Ringed Seal.

The Saimaa Ringed Seal

The Saimaa Ringed Seal is an animal that almost faced extinction. It lives in one specific place in the country in Saimaa Lake. It is one of the most endangered seals in the world. They have a specific feel and look to them because they are completely geographically divergent from any other seals.

The main change that Finland has done to protect the seals is that they have minimized the amount of net fishing that the seals can be caught in. Growing from 100 to a little over 400, the seal population has grown substantially since the late 20th century.


Finland makes it a point to follow European Union rules and legislation when facing problems with their animal populations. When looking at stories like the Saimaa Lake Ringed Seal and The Whooping Swan, there are successes in the Country. 1 in every nine animals in Finland are listed as endangered so there still is more work to be done.

Certain animals like the Common Brown Bear that are threatened and other large carnivores that are having problems with their population.

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